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Please note we are now only accepting PAYPAL orders on this site - apologies for any inconvenience. If you are not set up to pay by this means please contact us with your email address and we can send you a manual invoice that you will be able to pay to Paypal, via your usual card methods

Our remaining stock is now all reduced to bargain prices. (Normal prices are 99p for standard and 1.18 for organic spices and some of our stock is now just 20p a box.

Please pay careful attention to the Best Before dates for each product. The closer they are, the cheaper we have made the price. But all are half price or less, even those with dates in 2015.

For spices with near dates this is a great opportunity to experiment with those spices you might not normally feel inclined to buy if they were more expensive. So treat yourself to some exotic ingredients! Plus we all know that spices keep for much longer than the official best before dates anyway.

Stocks are subject to availability - once gone they are gone and they are going fast!

Please pay by PAYPAL as we are discontinuing other options as part of our closedown process

The Best Possible Taste for July 2014

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